Emma Sharma lives and teaches yoga in London, UK. A yoga alliance certified teacher, she trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga at It's Yoga, San Francisco. She teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga helping individuals to connect the body, mind and the breath.

She also teaches pre and postnatal yoga after training with renowned prenatal yoga teacher, Jane Austin, in San Francisco. A mother herself, Emma is a strong advocate of the power of yoga during pregnancy in preparation for labour and postpartum. She has released her own prenatal yoga DVD which is available for purchase now.

In addition to teaching yoga Emma also writes monthly features for Yoga Magazine, which is available in the UK, several countries in Europe and the US. Click here to see some of her published articles.

A note from Emma:

"Yoga changed my life. For me it began as a physical practice but it soon grew into so much more. It has become a way of life, a way of 'being' for me, affecting all aspects of my life in a positive way. My physical body strengthened and opened, my awareness increased, my fears reduced, my mind became calmer and I became a lot more 'present'. With every breath we inhale prana, life energy, yoga makes us conscious of this. We are always growing and learning as individuals, yoga is a great guide on one's unique journey through life."